No, there’s not any. People who don’t realize they’re getting phishing emails, the kind that have a different email address than the business they purport to represent… well, shit, be more careful. My mother in law just changed the password on her business website and now I can’t work on it, because she answered a phishing email.

Today I worked on the Dead Mule for hours. Submittable erased all the publication dates and I had to search every entry (over 1600) for the new publications. It was quite an afternoon but it made me happy, in a weird way. I was able to see, to associate, names with pieces, remember all that we’ve published over the last couple of decades.

Life will improve. It’s looking, though, as if gaining $1029 will actually make us lose over $500 in benefits. From EBT (SNAP) benefits to Medicaid, we lose big. So we actually gain little by getting social security disability. I’ll have to go declare it all to social service by the tenth of February. We’ll be over the limit in income for that month. I’m not sure what all we’re going to lose but I think the Part D help will be gone too. It’s automatic, so it will automatically go away, I imagine.

So… there’s that. It’s impossible to create any decent budget when you don’t really know how much money you have but I figure we’ll have around $600 a month for gas, groceries and dog food (etc). Not much. Our SNAP benefits are going away, $353 a month, and that hurts the most. Food. Duh. I doubt I’ll be able to continue going to the therapist, since Medicaid pays for a large portion of that. It’ll be sad to say good bye to her, we’ve been together for years. I don’t know what kind of payment will be due, not even sure if I’ll lose Medicaid — again — can’t budget with unknowns.

I resent it. I really do.

I resent a lot of things. Maybe one day I’ll make a list but then, to what end? Bitterness and anger serve no purpose. It’s best to respond to each day as it comes and not look back. Money is just that, a means to an end. We need so little. I do need a new bathrobe.

Might look on Amazon for a cheap one. This one’s had it.

enough for today. take care, my nonreading public.


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