The Sears repairman came, new parts here, and last week, tried to fix washer. The hell of being poor, my mother’s day present was the payment of the Sears repair bill. Anyway, the part Samsung sent was faulty. So now we wait, a week later, for the repairman to show up and try again.

Being poor means things not being fixed and learning work-arounds. Being poor means going without the basics, like laundry equipment. I’m not talking about dishwashers, I couldn’t care less about having one, doing dishes is not a big deal. You just fucking do it. But my washer not functioning since the last big freeze? What a learning experience. In the beginning, we went to laundromat. Then J got a new washer, huge gigantic one, does 2 loads in 1, so we started going over to her house. Now we let it pile up, thinking the machine will be fixed. So we’ll do a community fingers crossed that this time is the charm. Laundry dance!

Meanwhile, S hasn’t come by for a few days. Could be because it was raining after school but maybe our not coming to the door when he comes by — maybe?? I doubt he got the message. I talked to therapist about problem with S and she said I need to talk to his mother about it. Will do. I’m going to be a chicken shit and text her about it, but I think I can do it with compassion and carefully tell her that he just can’t come over every day un announced. I mean, who does that? SO rude.

I have a real problem with people who drop by unannounced. You call/text and ask if we’re busy or you ask permission. You ask if someone is busy, you ask for a convenient time. All of our friends, even our grandsons, ask before they come over. We always say “yes” but still, it’s polite to ask.

And we deal with alcoholic mother-in-law. Haven’t even BEGUN to write about her. A seventy-year old woman who won’t admit she’s an alcoholic. She drank a bottle and a half of wine in less than four hours the last time she was here. Now she’s taking to R on the phone and won’t hang up despite his repeatedly telling her he has to go. She’s a narcissistic wonk of a woman who doesn’t like me, who tries to act like she does and I can see through it. We’ve been married over 20 years, I can see through her.

Meanwhile… still no repairman. Sears will send an email when he’s about to arrive and I haven’t received it yet, so I continue to dump my thoughts into this blog post.

I should rant about MIL but, frankly, I’ve done it so many times, I don’t know where to begin. There was a ten year period in our marriage when we didn’t even speak to her. I long for those days, believe me. I don’t handle drunks very well. I understand addiction and disease but that doesn’t mean I have to deal with it every day. Drunk phone calls are the worst. “Does R still love me?” she’ll whine. She calls at least 3 times a day, every day. It’s ridiculous. At least BIL is a bit more under control, even if he is a certified loon. At least he doesn’t drink any more, he’s just addicted to pain pills. Buys them off the street, wonder if he’ll ever get caught. That’s going to be a real mess… I suppose it’s a possibility but we won’t have to deal with it, MIL will be hard-pressed to come up with defense attorney money so he’ll have to get a public defender. He’ll probably end up doing time. Curious thought, never had it before.

R is working on a malware problem. It involves a nearby city taken ransom by it. Very intense and I hope he can help. He has “friends” who are aware of how these things work… A needs help with it, so it must be a frantic and awful situation. I don’t remember A calling for R’s help in the recent past.

I’m trying not to smoke incessantly. It’s tempting when they’re right here, the cigarettes and R is smoking like a steam engine. He’s been notified by gmail that someone’s trying to break into his account so he’s busy changing all his passwords. Someone tried to empty our PayPal account a few months ago. Sent a bogus invoice but PayPal caught it. Scared me enough to make me transfer money to credit union, which I trust to hold my money securely.

R is really busy, this is good for him, being needed. It always helps self-esteem when one is recognized, fairly enough, for their expertise in a matter. And R is very knowledgable and has many online friends are equally knowledgable.

Rain again.

Mimosa tree leaking on car windows. Little fairies smashed flat against the glass. The hummingbirds ought to be here now, they love the mimosa flowers. It’s magical watching them hover over the pink fairy blossoms. Their feathers are iridescent, so beautiful. Now that’s me really rambling. Just waiting for the Sears guy, ho hum de dum.

We’re still waiting and now he’s officially late. He had a 10-2 window and it’s 2:30. I just want my washer fixed, no drama.

Speaking of drama http://www.dailyadvance.com/News/2018/05/25/Cyberatttack-shuts-down-Pasquotank-website-files.html occurred. What a mess. Hope they can get their files back and secure their servers. Apparently many counties in the state are vulnerable because, while electronic files are mandated, there was no money allocated in the budget for proper security backups and secure servers. What a mess.

It rains every day. I feel like I’m in the tropics. Everything is dripping and the dreaded word “moist” now comes into play. Every one hates that word. I think I read an article about the worst English words and it ranked in top 3, maybe even #1. We all hate the word “moist”.

A/C working hard to keep humidity out but it’s a window unit so it’s not costing us an arm and a leg to keep house comfortable. The rambling continues. I know I need to write about my great-grandfather’s Civil War experiences… but I just can’t get going on it. I can’t figure out where to begin.

I think I’ll dig out the file and start with my next blog post.


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